Saturday, April 23, 2005

2nd-The first time....

Once we were roaming wild as teenagers, chatting and fooling around. Getting to know new people, flirting and having fun. As one fine day I saw someone with the nick “Ameera”, chatting on her own in one of the major channels in IRC. Talking and mumbling alone to herself.

Ameera: hi all….how are u guysss….yuhuuuuuu…anybody hereeeeeeeee…
Ameera: why is nobody answering?…where are you guys. Hellooooo….

Looking at this tickling scenario, which of course nobody will chat in the major channels, unless for private channels…I went on clicking her name and start the conversation.

TAGTGREN: hi, age/sex/location?

Ameera: hi, 21, female, United States

TAGTGREN: ok then. Take care. I thought you’re locals.

Ameera: Wait..wait. you haven’t introduce yourself yet.

TAGTGREN: 18/male/Malaysia, kedah

Ameera: kedah?..northern part of Malaysia right?]


Ameera: I love kedah people. They are nice. Can I have your phone number?

TAGTGREN: You want to call from US? Are you nuts or something? Or are you from
Ulu Selangor instead of United States that you proclaimed.

Ameera: It’s ok. My dad will pay the bills for me.

TAGTGREN: 04-4893597

Ameera: Thanks! Call u later.

TAGTGREN: You’re welcome! (hope you’re not fooling around)

As an 18 year old boy at that time, nothing’s special at that time. My only world was the internet, music and my circle of friends. We had a world of our own. A world that we’re so proud with. To lay down and stay low within the underground music movement. Being rebellions through musical instruments, lyrical expressions and unearthly music of sober, woes and sadness. Of course at that time, love was something out of the questions. At times when Internet and IRC was booming all around Asean countries and kids went crazy chatting around from dusk until dawn, repeating in cycles. Making a lot of friends from the country wide, its fun! Adults wouldn’t understand our world at that time. But like I said previously, this Internet thing helped me change a lot. I was never a speaker or an oralist like I am now (as what claimed by friends). Was never with the confidence that I might at least have the power to speak and embrace myself to the world that I can speak and introduce myself to the outside world. My world was only the Internet and the underground world. Amongst the circle of friends that shares the same ideas, music and ideologies.

On that very day, Friday which I can never recall the exact date and it happened in 1998. I was about to go out and hangout with my band mates at out favorite mamak stall, the phone rang. I’m totally forgot about the lady that I’ve chatted before. She was never in my mind’s list that she would call. Of course all ladies, girls and babes expect guys to make the move and call. I was only expecting ys-diablo, our band’s bass player, that would make the call, reminding me our hangout time before Friday prayer. Then….


Ameera: Hi….

TAGTGREN: Who is it?

Ameera: Its me, ameera. We chatted just now remember?

TAGTGREN: Oh, yeah!! Kak Meera. Apa Khabar? Dah berapa lama di U.S?
(yes my sister. How are you? How long have you been studying in US?)

Ameera: Sorry. Ssaa…yaaa…ttak…ppp andaaaiiii cakap Melayu. Tapi ss aaayaa bbolehh

TAGTGREN: Ok. Sorry then. I thought you’re Malaysian furthering your studies there.

Ameera: I’m U.S citizen. I’m studying in the University of Missouri. Taking

TAGTGREN: U.S citizen? But your name, sounds like a Malay. You’re mix?

Ameera: Yup.

TAGTGREN: Where do you come from actually?

Ameera: It’s a long story. Can you hold for a while, I want to close the window.

TAGTGREN: Go ahead.

Ameera: Done. What’s your age again?

TAGTGREN: 18. And you’re 21 right?

Ameera: Yup. You’re still young.


Ameera: Maybe what? You’re still young indeed. Can I ask you something?

TAGTGREN: I beg your pardon please. Can you repeat?

Ameera: HAHAHAH. You don’t need to be so polite. If you cant get what I’m trying to
say, just ask again and say ‘what?’ hahahah.

TAGTGREN: okay then. What’s the thing that you want to ask me then.

Ameera: Are you….you’re still a virgin?

TAGTGREN: Of course I am! What a silly question. What do you expect then.

Ameera: Really?? Come on. You’re kidding me. If you’re in the U.S, your friends will
laugh at you. You’re considered naïve here. Bodoh la kamu ni. Hahaha

TAGTGREN: Hahaha. What the hell are you laughing about? Why am I considered naïve
when I’m still a virgin? In Malaysia and for the Muslims, it’s a pride for
us. It’s a responsibility for us to taking care of our virginity.

Ameera: Yeah but if you still haven’t had the sexual experience, you’re not grown up
enough. People will laugh at you little boy.

TAGTGREN: Life experience does not indicate that you must have sex to be experience
and be a grown up. Its how you direct your life that counts. If most of U.S
people bathe dirt as a common practice, are you obliged to do that? I don’t
think so. And because of that, you’re called ‘naïve’? Who’s being naïve?
Those who stand for their belief or those who blindly follow others and
accept that as something common? Malaysia is a country that most of the
populations are Muslims. As Muslims, we have our sets of rules and
regulations, that we’re told not to do this and that, and to do this and that
because of strong reasons. Not just unproven facts or myths.

Ameera: Hmmm… the way, what’s your age again? 18 or 28, hahaha.

TAGTGREN: U said just now u want to close the window. Whats the time now there in

Ameera: Whats the time there in Kedah?

TAGTGREN: 10.30am. Yours?

Ameera: 6.30pm. its getting dark and cold. When can I call you again?

TAGTGREN: I don’t know. U can call me anytime. But I prefer during the night, which I
think its daytime at your place. Night will be more convenient since my parents don’t speak English well, and they’re all sleeping at that time. By the way my friend is here. I’ve to go now. We always hangout together. Are you seriously want to call me again next time?

Ameera: I’m not promising anything. We’ll see. Take care, bye. Hey! Send my regards to
your friend.

TAGTGREN: Sure! Bye. Click.

Owh man! I am so confused!. I’ve talked to a U.S citizen just now, a babe and there I was. I’ve a new friend. And what’s more ‘cool’ is that she’s from U.S!!! hahaha. Got to tell my friends bout this…..