Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Owh Mr Mufti, dont get mad at IFC

Yes brothers and sisters. The IFC is back and now, with no intervention by the media as what happened few years back. Muslims and some ultra-nationalist are striking with anger of how such commission came to rise in a sudden without nobody knowing it??

Now, it's already there and standing as a commission to interfere in every corner of what a religion should do and shouldn't do. And of course, this heretic commission actually have the reason to exists, none other than to interfere with Islam. what can the mufti do to undo this? of course, when talking about a man's power to undo his government's doings, the actions would only resulted with rage in press statements. Does this change anything?

To my dear Mr Mufti, since for you, the system that we have now seems so perfect and Islam as seen in your eyes are perfectly protected by the laws and the leaders you trusts, i dont see any reason for you to stand up in rage and criticize.Maybe for the leaders you love understand that the reason for them to re-create IFC is to make balance the unbalance between islam and other religion. So that Islam or muslims would not be labeled as terrorists. So you should be happy and be like other mufti's which were successfully turn into a 'silent consent', given good pays, a driver, and nice office for the mufti's to grip their tongue from the truth.

You have the protector of Islam as the religion of the state where the protector are doing their 'hard work' to ensure the numbers of murtad grow day by day. They are here and there to ensure that under Islamic laws, khamr lovers would only go for a vacation doing some charity work instead of your filthy secular ideas of 6 canning.( i guess 'canning' is a taboo word for people nowadays. And they will struggle for their lives so that 'canning, rajam or crucifix' would be wiped out from the vocabularies of mankind)

Owh Mr Mufti, i'm not mad at you. you and other confused minds are dwell within the system that chains your minds and feelings towards what's righteous and what's not.Of course, to the confused minds, islamic laws are only knowledge and be studied and taking exams with...but not to apply in daily life. Islam, for you and your followers, are only manifested in 5 times prayer a day, the voice of azan and celebrating maulid.You and your circle of friends learned about Islam, tauhid syariah and many things. So that you can be called as muftis. You are amongst them who got Tokoh Maal Hijrah pinned and rewarded as what Michael Corleone got from the pope.

Dont get mad Mr Mufti...coz all of these that are happening to us, resulted from your solemn vow towards the kufur system. Believe me Mr Mufti, there is more to come...and keep your solemn vow.Hope it'll be your 'helper' in yaumal akhir. Your system that you've chosen is not ours. Like it or not, there will be again the times of Nubuwwah.