Friday, January 20, 2006

3rd-the story continues...

"Hey guys! got somehing to tell ya'. I met someone in the chatroom. Her name is Ameera Nartika Scarlet. White chick. Not exactly white chickla, kinda mix. Her mother is chinese and her father is Malay. She stayed there in U.S since she was 14 until now. She actually called me guys!!hahahaha." There goes me myself and i. Explaining every details regading the dialogue that happened between me and her the whole day to the rest of the band mates.

Yeah, we were young, energetic and our love for music is unstoppable. Our love for metal music rise since i was 14.Of course i'm the 'culprit' for introducing this mind blowing kinda music to the rest of the pals here. Previously it was "Aggressor" against the "Sovereign". The pioneers of metal and grunge band in the secondary school. Aggressor was more into anything that is heavy. We loved to improve our musicianship eventhough at that time we were just 15 at age. We played all Metallica songs from the 'Kill Em' All' albums to Napalm Death and also some local established metal bands. Indeed it was something at that time. At age of 15 when most of them love to flirt around, shopping, collecting stamps and stuffs.

Sovereign on the other hand, i've to admit that they're the best grunge band in the territory i've ever heard. Even to see them perform life at jamming studios. The best part is their musicianship in the grunge industry was then something and they're already popular to other territories eventhough they havents produce any materials! Due to some of internal problems and of course when part of the two 'enemies' sit down and discuss our musical preferences, we've decided to combind our strength. We've decided to combind our skills and commitment. We've decided that the previous drummer from Aggressor,Sura, let the outflowing abilities to lead and create astonishing solos be positioned as the lead and solo guitar, Yus, the outstanding basis player and vocalist from the Sovereign will be concentrating on his bass 'career', the energetic drummer from Sovereign, Mie, still be positioned as drummer, Joe, lead guitar from the Sovereign will be the 2nd lead and solo and the last but not least, YD, the vocalist from Aggressor be positioned as the vocalist, frontman and spokesperson for the new band.

Our love for doom metal genre is now complete. We can now play as many doom metal music and cover songs that we want. Out of woes and sadness, we've chosen "WOEBEGONIC ZEPHYR" with the vision of 'breeze of woes and sadness'. The 'thing' that we loved so much! At that time when we were young, energetic, single and rocking! With the combination, we move further. Further beyond expectation of the oldtimers in the scene. We were reviewed as the newest so-called scandinavian doom masters!! No local sounds, no local and 'is to be predicted' kind of music, no trend followers. The 3rd uprising of doom metal legacy! We jammed every week. Even twice a week 'investing' our school allowance and time commitment towards the growth of "WoeZep", thats what my basis used to call the band. 'short form' he said.

As for me, nothing could go better than seeing all of us struggling towards the growth of our own 'creation' and for the time being, to have a friend like Ameera. A friend, a companion at nights when it feels so boring. The chatroom was boring without her. Life would been better when i got her calls almost everynight, as i'm willingly to be 'disturbed' by her voice. At that time, i was 18, and she was 21. Day by day, topics by topics we discussed. Almost about everything. Things that made me believe that this friendship will stay is that she once said after the first time she called me 'Its all right. I'll call again sometimes. I like Kedah people'. From that moment i've learned that there are 'freethinkers', i've learned that people can have sex through the phone, i've learned that sex is common for them and even worst, stories of the conversions of those who're so frustrated in being straight, out of the beastial sexual oppressions some of her friends have had. Some of her friends were kidnapped, being forced to be an actress in porno films, forced to have sex on and on and on and after that being caged like an animal and was found a week by the authorities after the prono film makers deserted her and since that she had sworn not to fall in love with any men, instead of being a lesbian herself! Even some stories i've heard that some of the groups there practices 'Orgy' that is having a group of couples where they had sex in a group, all naked and exchange partners!. These are their 'values'. But aside the extreme negativity, there are certain things that i do agree with them, that is how they brought their children up. They tend to listen and discuss problems more than just keep it inside that leads to emotional disturbance.The western adults treats their children as close friends. Aside than that, i've learned to improve my english. I've learned that english slangs of "can't" be pronounced like "cunt" in u.s. which is she always remind me 'Hey!! dont use that dirty words when u're talking to me.hahaha' .So there i was. learning to speak english in the american way.

Ameera herself.....actually was raised in a very dysfunctional way. A bright and yet a hardworking girl, originated from Sungai Petani Kedah which is why the term 'i like kedah people' seems so relevant. Her mother was a Buddhist convert to Muslim and her father a malay from somewhere around the northern region.Why i called it 'dysfunctional'? Its been always a tragedy for her. A tragedy which have completely transformed her whole life into something against what she should be and what shouldnt. Freethinkers would say its personal rights. Rights, morality and perceptions is something that somehow comes with individualistic point of view and understanding. Rights upon mutual understanding gathered upon groups of people would also be something morale for those who share the same perceptions and understanding. As from where she came from, a Muslim family, rights, morality and perceptions will always be something based on pillars of the Ad-Deen itself. These enormous confusion will somehow deviate anybody that probably from my point of view, choose to deviate. Choose to live how they want to live...partly influenced by where they live, with whom they're socializing with and how they're brought up. How does all these elaborations relates to Ameera? Her past, and the present, and porbably her future...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Rain Comes Falling Down

now every single cloud becomes a raging storm
as I go seeking for the one I used to live for'
since your love was taken away my heart's been beating empty beats
well, it will end tonight' -the blade shall set me free
a steady hand with this sharpened cold steel
will help me wipe away this pain that I feel
the rain comes falling down
my life flows to the ground
no longer feeling the pain
my flame now fading away
the rain comes falling down
my life flows to the ground
no longer feeling the pain
my flame now fading away
so here I'm lying on these dead and bloody autumn leaves
waiting for death to take me where I want to be'
a steady hand with this sharpened hard steel
will help me wipe away this agony I feel
the rain comes falling down my life flows to the ground
no longer feeling the pain my flame now fading away
the rain comes falling down my life flows to the ground
no longer feeling the pain
these leaves now becoming my grave
no longer feeling the flame
no longer feeling the rain

remember me as the rain falls.....